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Living the Dream …

Do you remember children’s TV presenter Nino Firetto? 

Life is what you make it, they say, and so far I have been able to ‘make it’ as a night club DJ, Television Presenter, Columnist, Journalist, Radio Host, Podcaster, Actor, Tour Operator… 
For the record, Oscar Wilde’s quote “All publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right” really is a lot of ‘doo doo’.  

Where am I and what am I doing now?
I live in Marin County. Ten minutes north west of the city of San Francisco.  It is my new home and I spend most of my  days sharing its sights with visitors from around the world. Well I did before the awful pandemic kicked in.  I am though still living the dream.  

My interest in American history has taken me along a new path.  That and my love of connecting with people means I now get to share my outdoor experiences here in California. I am considered to be a VIP Tour Operator / Guide.  

Showing off my pre-Covid-19 office.. Yosemite

Still, radio will always hold a big place in my heart.  It is the theater of the mind you know? 
I still host shows from my home studio and I syndicate them to anyone who will listen.  Our radio station, Memory Lane UK, is where I get to play my favourite music and program the station to my liking.  Here is a link to the station. It is commercial and babble free, which is great so there is no interruptions … just music and comedy.  

Well that’s me in a few paragraphs.  How is life treating you? What have you been up to?  Fancy meeting up at your place after work for a cuppa tea? Maybe you can fill in those blank years for me. 
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Yes, this is me as an adorable TV toddler.   On the steps of  my home at 111 Cromwell Road in Bristol. I can remember those shoes, they were brown and made of plastic..
Actually, I am aged 15 years in this photograph. I always looked young. 
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