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Thank you for dropping by.  Do you remember  Nino Firetto?  The children’s TV presenter? The quiz show host, who appeared on so many game shows, back in the 80’s?  These few pages may jog your memory. 

Life is what you make it and so far I have made it as a DJ, Television Presenter, Columnist, Journalist, Radio Host an Actor and a Tour guide / Operator.
For the record Oscar Wilde’s quote “All publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right” is doo doo.  

Photo from Little Miss Pears 1987

Little Miss Pears 1987

Where am I and what am I doing now?
I live in Marin County 10 minutes north west of the city of San Francisco.  It is my home now and I spend most my  days sharing its sights with visitors from around the world.   I am actually living the dream.  



My interest in American history has taken me down a new path.  That and my love of people means sharing my outdoor experiences here in California.  It sets me up nicely as a
Tour Operator / Guide.    


Showing off my office.. Yosemite

Radio still holds a place in my heart.  In fact, I still host show’s when I can find the time.

Well that’s me in a few paragraphs.  How is life treating you?  What have you been up to?  Let’s all meet up at your place after work for a cuppa tea.  Maybe you can fill in those blank years for me.  Please follow me so that we can connect on Twitter. 

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Here is a link to my radio shows that are updated regularly. Please hit the follow button there and here is a link to my You Tube Channel.  Don’t be a stranger.

Pictured below is a mini me, a budding young Television Gameshow Host / Radio Presenter and a Tour Guide.  Stay in touch.



Yes, here I am as an adorable Television toddler.
On the steps of  my home at 111 Cromwell Road in Bristol.
Actually, I am aged 15 years in this shot…(I always looked young).
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