“Didn’t You Used To Be On Telly?”



Thank you for dropping by.  Above is a photo of me today without makeup and wearing glasses to make me look clever (I heard that). Taken at just after 2.30 in front of a white door.  If you are on social media please take time to follow me on Twitter (click on this link Twitter and if you have a mo could you please also ‘like’ my Facebook page too by clicking here Facebook.   Great, now let’s all meet up at your place after work for a cuppa tea.  Below is a mini me, a budding young Gameshow Host / Radio Presenter.


nino steps 2

Yes, here I am as an adorable toddler.
On the steps of  my home at 111 Cromwell Road in Bristol.
Actually, I am aged 15 years in this shot…(I always looked young).
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About Nino

That man who used to be on the telly a lot and on the radio too.
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