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Actor Nino FirettoFILM AND TV DRAMAS .. ACTOR?

Film: The True Pirates of The Caribbean.  A film for The History Channel.  Filmed on location in the Caribbean. The movie was actually shot at the locations of the original events. It was hot, sticky and uncomfortable.  I remember a lot of the actors, myself included, were sea sick.  That was before we even left the dock!

ITV:  Robin of Sherwood filmed for the  ITV Network in the 1980’s. I appeared in several episodes.  Often as an ‘Extra’ in the village of Sherwood.  Filmed in the Forest of Dean near Bristol. I kept getting told off for removing my wig during filming.  They were itchy.  The boots I wore on the show were the ones I was wearing when I auditioned for Splash.  I believed them to be my lucky boots.

Warner Brothers: Joey. A Warner Brothers sitcom. This was a spin off of the very successful show ‘Friends’.  I was there as an ‘Extra’ again, working to get my ‘ticket’ (SAG and AFTRA).  Actor Charlie Sheen, a friend, got me the gig.  It was great fun.

The History Channel 01-10-2006 True Pirates of the Caribbean (Puerto Rico)

Warner Brothers: Invasion.  I also appeared as an ‘extra’ in several episodes of  a television show called ‘Invasion’. The show was a  ‘Sci-Fi’ series.  I never watched it but apparently it was good.  Filmed in 2005.  Again I was working for my ‘ticket’.

Many of the productions including film and television shows can be found on You Tube and on other media sources.  Here is a link to my You Tube Channel.  

Unfortunately, of the one hundred and fifty plus episodes of ‘Splash’, Get Fresh’ and the daily television show, ‘Nino Firetto Totally Live’, only a handful exist.  If you are fortunate enough to come across any or have a clip of a show that is not featured here please share them with me.  Go to my twitter page, follow and direct message me.  Thanks.