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Actor Nino FirettoFILM AND TV DRAMAS .. ACTOR?

Film: The True Pirates of The Caribbean.  A film for The History Channel.  Filmed on location in the Caribbean. The movie was actually shot at the locations of the original events. It was hot, sticky and uncomfortable.  I remember a lot of the actors, myself included, were sea sick.  That was before we even left the dock!

ITV:  Robin of Sherwood filmed for the  ITV Network in the 1980’s. I appeared in several episodes.  Often as an ‘Extra’ in the village of Sherwood.  Filmed in the Forest of Dean near Bristol.
Warner Brothers: Joey. A Warner Brothers sitcom. This was a spin off of the very successful show ‘Friends’.  I was there as an ‘Extra’ again, working to get my ‘ticket’ (SAG and AFTRA).  Actor Charlie Sheen, a friend, got me the gig.  It was great fun.
Warner Brothers: Invasion.  I also appeared as an ‘extra’ in several episodes of  a television show called ‘Invasion’. The show was a  ‘Sci-Fi’ series.  I never watched it but apparently it was good.  Filmed in 2005.  Again I was working for my ‘ticket’.
Many of the productions including film and television shows can be found on You Tube and on other media sources.
Unfortunately, of the one hundred and fifty plus episodes of ‘Splash’, Get Fresh’ and the daily television show, ‘Nino Firetto Totally Live’, only a handful exist. If you are fortunate enough to come across any or have a clip of a show that is not featured here please share them with me.  Go to my twitter page, follow and direct message me.  Thanks