Memories from 1979 – last week

Many of these photographs have been taken by professional photographers others are just snap shots from my personal collection.

A lot of the programs featured in these photographs can be found there too. These captured memories span a few decades.  Keep coming back to this page for more photographs.  At the moment this page is more like a work in progress page.

A bit more info:

I love the photograph of me taken on the steps of our house in Bristol.  I can vividly remember the brown plastic sandals I was wearing.  The photo is from about 1960.
The most recent pictures are from July 2020 at our home in Marin County, California. This is during the lockdown.

There were plenty of photo ops when I was hosting ITV’s Splash.  One of the first assignments on the magazine style show was to have professional head shot photographs taken.
Who more famous at that time to take them than the Queens cousin, Lord Patrick Lichfield?  He was the 5th Earl of Lichfield.  The show featuring the star photographer was broadcast in 1985.  Unfortunately Thames TV did not keep a record of it and Patrick passed away in 2005.

Photos of Nino Firetto.

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