“Nino was and is a Radio God! … An inspired, inventive and creative presenter who really communicates with his audience. Nino is a real star of the airwaves whose style cuts through on a radio dial full of blandness.” Paul Chantler, Group Programme Director, Chiltern Radio Network.
Thank you Paul 🙂  and now…  I have my own internet radio station where I can ‘keep my hand in’.  You know, be silly and still play some of my favourite tunes  ..  It’s called ‘Memory Lane’  No bosses telling me what to say or play. There are so many ways you can tune in.  Hit any of the play buttons above or download the free apps below.

To listen in … Just hit the play button (above) on the player or…

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Below are some of the stations I have had the good fortune to work on.
My first stint on the wireless was as a guest DJ on 208 Radio Luxembourg. I went on to meet Bob Harris, who was then a DJ at Radio 210 in Reading, he got me a gig as a swing jock there on the weekends. Soon after that I was asked to launch Radio West and then Galaxy 101.have also been heard on stations in Spain, Denmark and in the USA. Whilst stateside I hosted shows in Los Angeles on KOST and in San Francisco on KLLC. Alice@97.3.  

Daytime Show Host – Radio Exe.
Breakfast Show Host – Exeter FM.
Afternoon and Swing Host – KLLC, San Francisco.
Afternoon Show Host – Wave 105, Southampton.
Drive-time Show Host – Real Radio, Cardiff.
Breakfast Show Host – Kestrel FM, Basingstoke.
Afternoon Show Host – Liberty, London.
Morning Show Host – Galaxy 101, Bristol.
Evening Show Host – EKR European Classic Rock, Europe.
Morning Show Host – Buzz FM, Birmingham.
Morning Show Host Weekends – CNFM, Cambridge.
Drive-time Show Host – Invicta FM, Kent.
Breakfast Show Host – Radio West, Bristol.
Celebrity DJ – 208 Luxembourg.
Swing Host – 210, Reading.
Evenings – KOST Los Angeles.
Victory Roll – Radio Victory, Portsmouth.
UBN, Isleworth.
I know what you are thinking … This fool can’t keep a job! … 🙂
Well, variety is the spice of life. Maybe I should cut back on the caffeine in the mornings!