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My first television appearance was in 1984.  I was the host of a daily ‘Live’ show for Sky TV.   Back then it was called Skytrax and it was a video music based

music box television prep Photo

Music Box

station.  Some would say it was the fore-runner of MTV, Music Television, in Europe.

Bit of a bio …

I moved on to hosting regular shows on Music Box.   Broadcasting to Europe via satellite the show was called ‘Nino Firetto Totally Live’.
It was also shown on Granada TV albeit late as part of their night time youth programs.
Then I auditioned for a children’s TV show on ITV.  It was to be their  flagship children’s program and it was called ‘Splash’.   ITV’s answer to BBC’s Blue Peter.

Splash was shown weekly and it was a ‘live’ magazine program.  The target audience were children 6 – 16 years of age.  It ran 52 weeks of the year for just over 3 years.  At the same time I was asked to co host an ITV’s Saturday morning children’s television show called ‘Get Fresh’. Here are a few more. ( I was a busy bunny).

Television shows

 ‘Splash‘ <- Clip.. weekly children’s magazine show,  – TV presenter at Thames TV for ITV
Travel Shop Channel, – TV presenter at SKY TV
‘Cliff Richard Celebrity Tennis’.  – TV presenter at SKY TV Sports
‘The New Mr. & Mrs.’ quiz show.  – TV presenter at ITV
Guest Biker – ‘Ridge Riders’, Meridian for ITV
Showbiz Correspondent – ‘London Tonight’, London News Network
News Segment Reporter, Researcher and Scriptwriter – ‘London Tonight’, LNN
Sports Anchor – ‘The American Match’, TWI for ITV
Host, Anchor and Producer, Wire TV
Presenter – ‘The Big E’ <- Clip .. A nightly magazine program, ITV
Sports Reporter – Eurosport Channel, SKY TV
Co-Host – ‘Get Fresh’ weekly children’s magazine show, Granada TV for ITV
Host – ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’ <- Clip .. A networked quiz show, TVS for ITV
Live In-vision Continuity Presenter for Daytime Programs, ITV
‘Summertime Special’ live series. – TV presenter at ITV
Presenter – ‘Nino Firetto’s Totally Live Show’, Music Box, Superchannel

Presenting Children’s ITV links


‘Home Truths’ – BBC Television
‘Whose Baby?’ – Thames TV
‘Give us a Clue’ – Thames TV
‘You Bet’ – Thames TV for ITV
‘What’s My Line?’ – Thames TV
‘The Bobby Davro Show’ – TVS for ITV
‘The Pyramid Game’ – TVS for ITV


Paramount channel with Dr Katz (in vision)
100 Motown Memories infomercial (in vision)
100 Hits of the 60’s and 70’s infomercial (in vision)
National & Provincial Building Society (in vision)
The London Jazz Festival (in vision)

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