“For a really wonderful display of comic timing, Lionel Blair should have studied his co-star Nino Firetto.His hilarious portrayal of the hung over delinquentJimmy had the audience shrieking with laughter one minute and wincing with empathy the next.” – BROMLEY

“Jimmy is superbly played by Nino Firetto, particularly when he goes to Robert’s flat suffering from a hangover. His Antics, aping a drunk to perfection, are hilarious and the play is worth seeing for that scene alone.” -YORKSHIRE POST – HULL

“The redeeming performance came from a real-life disc jockey – Cambridge DJ Nino Firetto – who played the part of Marion’s ex-boyfriend Jimmy with great poise and concentration.  It’s a pity no one else tried as hard.” -BRIGHTON LEADER

“The star-studded cast also includes heartthrob NinoFiretto… a comedian in the making.”

“Heart-throb Nino treads the boards for the first time as Marion’s ex-boyfriend Jimmy.  Nino, who springs from radio and children’s television, was superb as  Jimmy, drunkenly trying to win back his estranged lover.” -THE EXTRA – WINCHESTER

“While not the largest role, Nino Firetto, who is not unknown in Portsmouth, brings to his little vignette a comic element that is a cross between Manuel and Jacques Tatti, and
a new meaning to the term rubber legs and arms.” -PORTSMOUTH NEWS

“Nino Firetto is an excellent scruffy boyfriend Jimmy, staggering into Danver’s exclusive flat with spiked hair and torn jeans.  His study of a man suffering the mega hangover on the morning after is 100 proof hilarity.” -WMN – TORQUAY

“Nino Firetto plays the drunken drummer Jimmy, Marion’s once and future boyfriend, in a hugely inventive display of post-party inebriation.” – CAMBRIDGE